Healthier spreads

Following the current trend in healthier foods and sugar reduction, we offer our customers a range of non added sugar spreads and palm-free spreads.

Recipes can be offered with maltitol or stevia sweetener. Both sugar substitutes, maltitol and steviol glycosides (derived from the stevia plant) are suitable for diabetics. Both recipes have significantly less calories than standard sugar-based recipes.

In an effort to preserve nature’s resources and focus on healthier nutrition, the range of palm-free products has grown significantly in the last year. To answer the growing demand in some specific markets, we can now offer a palm-free spread with cocoa butter, rapeseed oil and coconut oil.

The cocoa used in the preparation of these spreads can additionally be UTZ, fair trade or organic. We offer oval and round glass and PET packaging, as well as different labelling formats.