Sale of Natraceutical shares

Sunday, 16 March 2014.

Natra, SA informs about the recent sale of Natraceutical shares.

Following the communication on voting rights with register date at CNMV March 7, 2014, Natra, SA informs about the following:

  • The sale of Natraceutical, SA’s shares recently carried out by Natra, SA was a single event.
  • Between February 21 and March 13 Natra sold a total amount of 2.47 million shares, which represents 8% of the 30.2 million shares of Natraceutical traded between these two dates.
  • Natra’s decision to resign as chairman of the board of directors of Natraceutical does not imply Natra’s disengagement from its subsidiary, as three members of the board of directors of Natraceutical are also board members in Natra.
  • Due to the proportionality in the number of Natra’s representatives in the board of directors of Natraceutical, the decrease in the 50% threshold of the shareholding that Natra has in Natraceutical did not result in the deconsolidation of this shareholding, as there was no loss of control.
  • After the 0.76% decrease in the shareholding of Natraceutical, Natra currently holds 49.84% of this company. Should Natra’s board of directors agree a significant divestment of this shareholding in the future, Natra’s willingness is that this will be done in an orderly manner, without harming the value and informing the market in due course.

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