Banco Sabadell sells its stake in Natra

Tuesday, 18 December 2012.

The board of directors of Natra acquires the stake that Banco Sabadell held in the company.

Banco Sabadell, a member of the board of Natra SA through Tinser Cartera, SL sold in yesterday's trading session the total shareholding of 5.33% in Natra, SA.

This shareholding, comprising 2,535,000 shares, was acquired by the members of the board of Natra: Juan I. Egaña and family members (1,200,000 shares), Iberfomento, SA. (900,000 shares) and the syndicated shareholder chaired by Casticapital, SL (435,000 shares) in market transactions at the price of 0.80 euros per share.

The operation is part of the disinvestment policy of industrial participations that Banco Sabadell incorporated to its perimeter after the acquisition of Banco CAM in June 2012.

Meanwhile, through this investment the Board of Directors of Natra commits with the business plan of the company and the stability of the shareholder base.

Following this transaction, the equity positions, direct or indirect, represented on the board of directors are:

12,48% - Carafal Investment S.L.
9,14% - CK Corporación Kutxa, S.L.
6,90% - Iberfomento, S.A.  
5,92% - Casticapital, S.L. (syndicated shareholder)  
5,32% - Barten, S.A.  
5,23% - Tamaxage XXI, S.L.  
1,50% - Juan I. Egaña  

According to Juan Ignacio Egaña, chairman of Natra: "The Board of Directors of Natra thanks Banco Sabadell and Banco CAM for their support as shareholders and their significant involvement in the financing process of Natra. It has thus been the wish of the Board of Directors of the company to attend the divestment willingness of this significant shareholder and ensure maximum stability for the shareholding base of the company".

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