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Shares granting to the Chief Executive Officer


On November 2, 2011, Natra, S.A. and Mr. Mikel Beitia, Chief Executive Officer of the company, reached an agreement consisting in granting 70,000 shares of Natra to Mikel Beitia, subject to the accomplishment of certain objectives.


Natra celebrates 70 years of history

Natra celebrates 70 years of history

Natra's beginnings date back to 1943, when three Valencian chemists laid the foundation of what would be for many years the only company in the world that used all of the cocoa bean.


2012 Results

Resultados 2011

Excellent operating recovery of both the cocoa and chocolate business and Natraceutical. Natra’s operating income reached 17.88 M € improving in 22.8 M€ 2011’s result.