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Shareholders concerted action

On May 8, 2012, Casticapital, SL, Inversiones San Felipe, SL, Sociedad de Inversiones Maspalomas, SL and Mrs. Rosa María Oliver Casanova, all of them shareholders of Natra, with family and/or business ties between them, signed a shareholders’ agreement regarding their shares in Natra for the purpose of organizing their political rights, especially with respect to their voting rights.


Conveening of 2012 General Shareholders Meeting

The Board of Directors of NATRA, S.A., in accordance with the legal and statutory regulations in force, has agreed to call an Annual and Extraordinary General Meeting, to be held in Plaza País Valenciano Nº.7 Quart de Poblet (Valencia), "Centro Cultural El Casino", on June 28, 2012 at 12:30 am, for the first call, and June 29, 2012, in the same place and at the same time, for the second call.


1st quarter 2012 results

Resultados 2011

Operational improvements of both Cocoa and Chocolate business and Natraceutical allowed Natra to increase its operating income by 71% to 3.21 M €


Natra increases its exports and strengthens its commercial presence outside Europe

The project of commercial expansion outside Europe, which Natra announced in 2010, is now giving off visible after consolidating specialized sales teams in these international markets, with significant growth in revenues and production volumes, and a portfolio of premium products designed for the specific needs of the different markets and consumer cultures.


New distribution platform

Since January 2012 Natra has a new sales and distribution platform that is intended to boost all commercial synergies of the different business units of the consumer goods division, especially in regard to sales, logistics and distribution, marketing, and administrative management.


Unpledging of trade receivables

Due to the gradual recovery of Natra’s business and the significant increase and volatility of raw materials, the company has obtained the support of its banks for a new model of working capital financing.


Bio Group Brazil executes the call option agreement

In relation to the call option contract entered by and between Natra, S.A. and the Brazilian company Bio Group Brazil concerning  the stake that Natra, S.A. holds in the French multinational Naturex, Bio Group Brazil has proceeded to execute before its maturity date the whole call option agreement, thus having acquired the 248,275 shares of Naturex owned by Natra, S.A.


Bio Group Brazil extends call option on Naturex shares

In relation to the call options granted to the Brazilian Bio Group Brazil on the stakes that Natra, S.A. holds in Natraceutical (46.8%) and in the French multinational Naturex (3.89%), after the four-month period for the execution of the options, Bio Group Brazil has informed the Company of its wish to extend the deadline for the execution of the call option on Naturex shares to some further four months, as stipulated in the contract, and to reject the option agreement on the shareholding in Natraceutical.