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Convening of the 2014 Ordinary and Extraordinary Shareholders’ General Meeting

The Board of Directors of NATRA, S.A., in accordance with the legal and statutory regulations in force, agreed to convene the Annual Ordinary and Extraordinary Shareholders’ General Meeting, to be held in Valencia (Spain), Paseo Alameda, 32, SH Valencia Palace Hotel, on June 27, 2014 at 16:00 hours, for the first call, and June 30, 2014, at the same place and time, for the second call.


1st quarter 2014 results

As contemplated in the company’s forecast for 2014, the sharp rise in cocoa prices in recent months affected significantly the profitability of the cocoa and chocolate activity during the off-season.


Cancellation of the shareholders' agreement chaired by Casticapital, SL

The shareholders Casticapital, SL, Inversiones San Felipe, SL, Sociedad de Inversiones Maspalomas, SL and Mrs. Rosa María Oliver Casanova signed on March 3, 2014 an agreement whereby the shareholders agreement from May 8, 2012 regarding their shareholdings in Natra, SA, which was reported to the CNMV on May 5, 2012 with register number 166078, is cancelled.


Year 2013 results

A new rally in the price of cocoa in the second half impacts on the cocoa and chocolate business results.


Resignation of Kutxabank from the board of directors

Kutxabank, SA presented on January 7, 2014 their resignation as member of the board of directors of Natra, SA. This resignation responds to their decision to consider the shareholding in Natra as non-strategic on a long-term basis and to their willingness to conduct an orderly divestment of their stake in Natra, when appropriate.


9 months 2013 results

The operational efficiency in both the chocolate and Natraceutical’s businesses allowed Natra to maintain operating income despite the worsening of the gross margin following cocoa’s sharp prise rise.