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  • Company details

    General details Share capital Stock market trading
    Tax Identification Number (N.I.F): A-46014528 Share type or class: ES0165515117 Incorporation to the interconnected trading system: 06/07/2000
    Company name: NATRA, S.A. Number of shares: 47.478.280 Markets: Valencia and Madrid
    Abbreviated name: NATRA Par value: 0,1332 euros/share Shared capital: 6.324.106,90 Euros
    Sector: Food Number of attributed voting rights: 47.478.280 Trading type: Equities only
    Ordinary stock: 6.324.106,90 Euros Number of shares required for each voting right: 1  
    In the Spanish Stock Exchange trade register since: 10/11/2015    

  • Relevant shareholders

    Private investors
    12,5% - Carafal Investment SLU
    9,8% - Auriga Capital Investments, S.L.
    6,9% - Golden Limit, S.L.
    6,7% - BMS Promoción y Desarrollo, S.L.
    1,5% - Juan I. Egaña - Chairman
    0,4% - Arteta 2002, S.L.
    0,1% - Mikel Beitia - CEO

  • Treasury stock

    At 31st December 2013, Natra held 317.768 shares representing 0,669% of the outstanding shares.

  • Shareholdings in listed companies

    Natra, S.A. holds 46,86% in the Spanish listed multinational Natraceutical, S.A. Natraceutical has been listed since 2002 on the Spanish stock market. Number of outstanding shares: 328.713.946