Corporate governance

  • Board of directors

    - Chairman: Mr. Antonio Obieta Vilallonga
    - Chief Executive Officer: Mr. Juan Dionis Trenor
    - Director: Carafal Investment, S.L.U., represented by Mr. Manuel Moreno Tarazona
    - Director: Arteta 2002, S.L., represented by Mr. Diego Arteta Loredo
    - Independent director: Mrs. Ana Muñoz Beraza
    - Independent director: Mr. Pedro Esnaola Latasa
    - Independent director: Mr. Pedro Santisteban Padró
    - Independent director: Mrs. Carmen Allo Pérez
    - Secretary: Mr. Ignacio López-Balcells Romero

  • Board members profile


    Mr. Antonio Obieta Vilallonga (Chairman)

    • Graduated in Law at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, and he is Master in Finance and Business Administration at Deusto University. He has developed his professional career in both national and multinational companies of food and beverage sector. Since 2013 until today, Antonio Obieta is CEO at Green Seed Group, an international group of experts dedicated to advising companies in the industry of food and drinks.

    • In 2007 he founded the company Proelza and International Wine Link, set up by a broad group of professionals specialized in the food industry and drinks, dedicated to provide strategic advice to companies in this sector.

    • Between 2003 and 2006, Antonio Obieta held the position of Executive Chairman for Spain and Portugal at the international group Schweppes and Orangina Group (Cadbury Schweppes), where he developed also other positions (CEO Cadbury Schweppes Bebidas de España, General Manager at Schweppes Group, SA, among others) since he joined the Group on 1989.

    Carafal Investment, S.L.U. (representative: Mrs. María del Carmen González Doménech)

    • Degree in Economics and Business from the University of Valencia (Spain).

    • She began her careen in the department of General Management Services of Arthur Andersen.

    • Since 1999 and up-to-date, she has worked in the financial and accounting departament of a family private holding.

    Arteta 2002, S.L. (representative: Mr. Diego Arteta Loredo)

    • Degree in Advertising and Public Relations from the Faculty of Social Sciences and Communication.

    • Master in Foreign Trade from IFFE, La Coruña.

    • He has developed his career as Head of Procurement and Large Accounts at companies such as Hierros Arteta, S.A. and Arcelor Group

    • Secretary of the Board of Directors of Lasider Arteta (Arcelor Group).

    • Director of SINCAV INBERGAL, S.L.

    • Director of Natra, S.A.

    • Vice-Chairman of Arteta Loredo, S.A.

    Mrs. Ana Muñoz Beraza

    • Degree in Economics from the University of Zurich and an MBA from the University of Chicago.

    • She has spent his career in various financial institutions, such as Compagnie Noga (Geneva), Roymar Corp. (Zurich) and Merrill Lynch (Geneva, London and Zurich).

    • In Merrill Lynch she was Head of Institutional Sales and Director, Member of the Executive Management Committee.

    • She held the position of CEO at Libertas 7 until July 2007, since when she has held the positions of Director at Ediva, Libertas 7 Nordkapp and MegaMCapital, a venture capital fund of which is she is a founding partner.

    Mr. Pedro Santisteban Padró

    • Degree in Law from the University of Deusto.

    • Masters in Business Administration.

    • More than thirty-five years of experience in general management areas, as well as legal management and human resources, in multinational businesses in mass consumer products (hardware, perfumery and cosmetics) and soft drinks sectors.

  • Board committees

    The board committees are currently composed of the following members:

    - Chairman: Mr. Juan Ignacio Egaña
    Board Member: Mrs. Ana Muñoz Beraza
    - Board Member: Mr. Pedro Santiesteban Baró
    - Chairman: Mrs. Ana Muñoz Beraza
    - Member: BMS Promoción y Desarrollo, S.L., represented by Mr. José Luis Navarro Fabra
    - Chairman: Mr. Pedro Santisteban Padró
    - Member: Mrs. Ana Muñoz Beraza
    - Member: Mr. Juan Ignacio Egaña Azurmendi
    - Chairman: Carafal Investment, S.L.U., represented by Mrs. María del Carmen González Doménech
    - Member: Mr. Juan Ignacio Egaña Azurmendi

  • Concerted actions

    There are currently no concerted actions involving shares in Natra.